Getting the sales you need for your business?

Every company, big or small, needs a strong sales team. No sales, no business! Bizgro offers open seminars and develops customised in- house training workshops to get your sales team to top performance.

We’ll build a motivated and passionate team and you’ll see the results on your bottom line.

Struggling to recruit the right sales staff?

Different companies have different cultures, so it’s vital to find employees who are both competent and compatible.

You can trust us to screen and shortlist candidates for you – we’ve had 35 years of experience in finding the “right fit” in sales personnel. We also offer FREE 3-month after- placement care line for new employees.

Need help with your sales strategy?

Often it takes an outside eye to spot opportunities that exist in a market.

We can help you identify and exploit the potential for powerful sales that will drive revenue growth.

We apply our decades of experience to your particular workplace challenges and needs.

Areas of speciality:

  • Sales leadership
  • Internal sales
  • External sales
  • Customer care
  • Sales for non-sales people

Personnel placement:

  • Telesales
  • Call centre sales
  • Retail sales
  • External sales
  • Sales managers

Oasis methodology:

  • Observation
  • Analysis
  • Strategy
  • Implementation
  • Score & Measure


Years of Experience


People Trained


Clients Managed


Companies Consulted


Branches Started/Fixed

About the Bizgro Team

Bizgro was founded by Richard Lyon and Jennifer Lyon, veterans of the sales industry in South Africa, with over 35 years of experience in sales  management and sales training, from small businesses to corporate giants. Richard is a national leader in the industry, renowned for his knowledge of sales leadership, service excellence and sales strategy and was responsible for launching the respected Bidvest Sales Academy.

BizGro has fast evolved into a specialist sales placement practice, focusing on the automotive sector, food services, FMCG, estate agents & general hardware suppliers. We have highly experienced area managers in all the major centres in South Africa.

Backed by big business, BizGro has launched an Automotive Sales Academy to support young talent to gain an entry and forge a career in the motor trade. Our courses are run by motor dealership experts in all the major centres.

The Bizgro Ethos

  • We get really excited about helping our clients to grow their businesses.
  • Big or small, corporates or SMEs, we are totally service driven.
  • Great customer service means utmost integrity and exceeding expectations.
  • We apply best practice combined with sound, practical advice, tailored to each company’s exact needs.
  • Everything we do is based on coalface experience, from personally delivering goods to corner cafes at 4 am to managing large companies. We’ve been there, done that, and we’re STILL doing it.
  • Hire on attitude, train on knowledge. A motivated team will always outperform a demoralized one. Add skills, confidence and desire to the mix and you create a winning team.

Our OASIS programme

  • O – Observe the current situation
  • A – Analyse opportunities and identify where business processes can be improved
  • S – Strategize what is needed to be done to achieve desired results
  • I – Implement the plan with clear objectives and timelines
  • S – Score & measure progress, modify focus where necessary

Albert is a very special person – & an incredible Sales Professional – it was very easy to bring him along!

So, what he claims I did for him, he really did by himself!

But, hey, I will take it!

Albert van Staden – Sales Manager @FoodServ Solutions

The sales training we had from Bizgro and Richard Lyon was excellent, practical and added value to our organisation.

My sales staff could relate to the information, techniques and methods that Richard showed us.

It was information that we could use on a daily basis.

Importantly it works.

I recommend Bizgro!

Warren Munro

“What a presentation – I was like, this is the ‘Man of God’ sent to prophesize the growth of our business. Thank you so much, that was so informative and of great value.”

Patson Tsotetsi, AMP Security Solutions

“I put the knowledge in place from Monday and already see good results coming through from my

Stephan, Sales Manager Catersales Pretoria

“Richard’s workshop made me believe. He showed us he believes in us so how can I not also believe
in me?”

Karen, Sales Representative CCW, Pietermaritzburg

“Shortly after Richard’s intervention, the branch morale and performance started improving … they
started achieving their budgets for the first time in a long while … they became BELIEVERS again, in
their company and in themselves.”

Eddie Smith, General Sales Manager Western Cape, Bidvest Foodservice

“Well done! Your Effective Communication workshop made a good impression.”

Monty Basson, Sales Manager Bidvest Foodservice, Polokwane

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