BizGro in-house sales training, builds & uplift a Sales Team’s performance & motivation, to produce sustainable revenue growth.
You won’t look back, with your also rans, becoming top performers.


Sourcing the best staff for your business has never been this easy.
In addition, the unique outcome-based instalment payment model means the end of hefty, upfront recruitment fees.
A win-win – for your business!


Most of us get so involved working in our business we don’t get an opportunity to work on it.
BizGro, with an eye for opportunity, takes Clients on exciting new paths, opening doors never dreamed of.
You can only manage what you measure. Set no more than 5 KPI sales activities & watch your Team fly.

Areas of speciality:

  • Sales leadership
  • Internal sales
  • External sales
  • Customer care
  • Sales for non-sales people

Personnel placement:

  • Telesales
  • Call centre sales
  • Retail sales
  • External sales
  • Sales managers

Oasis methodology:

  • Observation
  • Analysis
  • Strategy
  • Implementation
  • Score & Measure


Years of Experience


People Trained


Clients Managed


Companies Consulted


Branches Started/Fixed

About the Bizgro Team

Launched in 2015 by Richard & Jennifer Lyon, the Bizgro model is rooted in being the preferred & valued service provider, to Clients in the following selected business sectors:-

  1. Food & allied product manufacturers & distributors
  2. Corporate office supply
  3. Motor Dealerships
  4. Hospitality

With experienced representation in all major centres, BizGro offers Clients a professional, & personalised service. The truth is “people buy from people”!
The success of Bizgro is in our ability to assist you, “grow your business”!

Whether it be:-

a. connecting you with the right fit professional
b. cultivating business skills
c. creating winning strategies & processes

A brand new sub-division, Yellow Lemon marketing has launched, to support manufacturers supplying to the food service industry. Now, for the very first time, vital business intelligence is being collected, allowing manufacturers to evaluate markets & Consumer needs in the hospitality, restaurant & contract catering arenas

The link to the Yellow Lemon website is:




The Bizgro Ethos

  • We get really excited about helping our clients to grow their businesses.
  • Big or small, corporates or SMEs, we are totally service driven.
  • Great customer service means utmost integrity and exceeding expectations.
  • We apply best practice combined with sound, practical advice, tailored to each company’s exact needs.
  • Everything we do is based on coalface experience, from personally delivering goods to corner cafes at 4 am to managing large companies. We’ve been there, done that, and we’re STILL doing it.
  • Hire on attitude, train on knowledge. A motivated team will always outperform a demoralized one. Add skills, confidence and desire to the mix and you create a winning team.

Our OASIS programme

  • O – Observe the current situation
  • A – Analyse opportunities and identify where business processes can be improved
  • S – Strategize what is needed to be done to achieve desired results
  • I – Implement the plan with clear objectives and timelines
  • S – Score & measure progress, modify focus where necessary

Thank you for the wonderful training.
I really appreciated it.
We learned a lot and at the same time it was exciting.
Thank you

Jenny Cheary

Hi Richard… hope you are well… I just want to say that you still inspire me and I still learn a lot from you… you make my days positive even when its dark.

Bidfood, Bloemfontein

Elma Kruger

Thank you for the wonderful training I really appreciated it the training we learned a lot and at the same time it was exciting

Thank you

Jenny Cheary

I think that after the success of Saturday’s event you will get lots of word of mouth referrals from the delegates who attended for the next one!

Terri Russell

“What a fun morning session it was! Bet you never expected it to be so vocal, but JHB is not for sissies and I am sure every delegate left with something fresh to try.

Will certainly attend another one in the future.”


Craig – Evolution Agencies

“Thanks sooo much for a brilliant session.  I certainly came away feeling the need to spark things up.

I agree with Craig, and I too look forward to your future presentations.  My staff will attend your training sessions as well.”

Kind regards


Albert is a very special person – & an incredible Sales Professional – it was very easy to bring him along!

So, what he claims I did for him, he really did by himself!

But, hey, I will take it!

Albert van Staden – Sales Manager @FoodServ Solutions

What the poor Housekeeping Team finds when they enter vacated rooms, is anybody’s guess.

A guest’s confession: – “I’m quite certain a hotel maid in the fancy Harties Lodge I stayed at once surely thought I had pooped. Their chocolate turndown had been left on my pillow, as all upmarket establishments do. After a long day’s conferencing & a hard night’s drinking, I arrived at my room very late, […]

Most common sales interview question

The absolute favourite sales interview question posed by Hirers, is “sell me this pen” This week I heard the best response ever, shared with me by a Sales Exec on a training course. The meeting got underway & suddenly the Interviewer produced a pen & of course asked the question “sell me this pen” The […]

Recruitment reborn

where will you source your next sales hire? The most common question HR & Sales Management ask themselves – how do I find the best, right-fit talent available in the market? The next question is, finding this rare beast, without breaking the bank? And thirdly, hiring right, the first time. (60% of new sales hires […]

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