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the sales Busters

a winning sales guide for any business


Who should attend

Ø  Sales Management & business Leaders

Ø  Sales Reps

Ø  New Sellers


What we’ll cover

Ø  Meeting the sales challenges – what are yours?

Ø  Sales; the lifeblood of every business.

Ø     Successful selling is actually helping people to buy!

Ø What do Customers really want?

Ø Ensure Customers buy from YOU.

Ø Belief in your product/service offering &yourself.

Ø Approaching the unknown – prospecting.

Ø     The sales sequence.         

Ø      Features & benefits to fulfil the need.              

Ø     Converting objections & concerns into opportunities.

Ø  Becoming relevant & reap YOUR just rewards.


What you will take away

Ø  A step by step “how to” guide easy to follow & apply.

Ø  Answers to your particular sales challenges.

Ø  Confidence to achieve your full sales potential.



Ø  26 July 2019

Ø  9AM to 16:00PM *includes lunch & refreshments

Ø  Prema Gayla Bizhub, 1Terrace Road, Edenvale

Ø  R895 + VAT *bring a friend & score a 10% discount off your own booking

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