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At Bizgro we have been inundated by requests from our customers in the automotive trade for sales staff placements and training. So in May 2018 we formed a dedicated automotive division for placements of sales candidates, supported by training provided by our new Automotive Sales Academy.

The turnover of motor trade salespeople creates a constant need for efficient, passionate, loyal sales personnel. But with the pool of experienced talent in the industry being relatively small, dealerships are often faced with the choice of employing a stagnant seller, or training up a rookie from scratch.

However, dealerships require sellers who are trained and ready to perform. And talented rookies are understandably not granted opportunities without the necessary experience.

Bizgro has created an opportunity to support talented candidates seeking employment as well as providing support to dealerships in acquiring able, loyal employees.

Training Services: Automotive Sales Academy

With management under enormous time constraints, it is just not feasible to train newbies.

Paragraph: Details of the training provided- to follow

Placement Services: Automotive Sales Personnel

Paragraph: Details of the placement service – to follow

Our support continues post-employment, in coaching & developing skills, saving management the time you do not have.

We have experienced motor salespeople seeking employment available on our database. Our preferential rates & strict screening policies ensure you get the very best personnel available at the very best rate.

100% three month warranty.

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