Complete Hospitality Solutions

Specialised hospitality products, directly from the Manufacturer.

Ensuring you pay less, without sacrificing best advice, service & quality.


We provide the following Solutions:

  1. Guest room amenities
  2. Bedroom accessories
  3. Bed, bath & dining room linen
  4. Stationery = conferencing & rooming pens & note pads = FREE one colour branding
  5. Paper tissue & cleaning
  6. Public cloakroom, kitchen & guest room dispensers
  7. Uniforms & promotional items
  8. Kitchen equipment, crockery, cutlery & smalls
  9. Mattress & furniture sanitization
  10. Hospitality permanent staffing placements

Placement Services: Hospitality Personnel

With the unique BizGro staffing placement model, you source the BEST for LESS

BizGro Sales Agents

BizGro a leading Sales Agent, with carefully selected Principals, offering you the very best, fast moving but rarely identified lines to add to your basket.

Our Clients are tested & proven Suppliers, providing competitive pricing, service & quality. Improve your sales & impress you, Customers, with our elated & exclusive range of products

  • Thistlewood
  • Packman
  • Packman
  • Indezi Cheese
  • Qualipack
  • Kingtox
  • Kinghorn
  • Universal Paper
  • Chrysalis Linen
  • Pietermaritzburg Catering Equipment
  • BizGro Sales Placements

Contact Bizgro below.

BizGro Sales Training, Strategy & Placements

1 Terrace Road,


Edenvale 1690

Tel: 010 040 9690

Divisional head : Des Fabré’s

Tel: 010 040 9681


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